Unicorn ?✨ & Mermaid ?? Brushes AVAILABLE Now ✨?? LINK IN BIO ✨?

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If someone were to do some official research, we would probably discover that unicorn, galaxy and mermaid beauty products account for about 60% of the beauty products on the market at the moment. And we’re definitely not complaining about it. In fact, a lot of us want even more whimsical merchandise so it’s perfect timing that Peachy Queen has launched makeup brushes that will appeal to you whether you’re #TeamMermaid, #TeamUnicorn, #TeamGalaxy, or you love them all equally.

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If you’re already wondering how you’re going to narrow your decision down between all of the adorable choices, be aware that there are multiple options for each category. For unicorn fans, you have a choice between a gorgeous all-white Dazzling Unicorn Brush Set ($29.99) with rose gold accents and the Golden Unicorn Dreams Brush Set ($25.95). The latter features gold unicorn horn-like handles and multicolored pastel brushes. Then there is the Metallic Unicorn Brush Set ($23.99) with gold unicorn handles and white brush heads.

On the mermaid front, Peachy Queen has a Gold Mermaid Tail Brush Set ($24.99) and a dazzling rainbow Sereira Mermaid Tail Brush Set ($26.95). And last but definitely not least is the Miss Galaxy Brush Set ($29.99) which is decorated with a shimmering rainbow design and features white bristles with a pink top.

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POPSUGAR reports that the brand also has whimsical Ziggy Stardust Brushes ($24.95) with multicolored brush heads and handles. Because that’s not enough choice, you can also choose from various ombre designs too.

Given the amount of options you have to select from, you will probably want to start clearing some space in your makeup bag before you make your final selections.