Attention all unicorn fans, there is another new unicorn beauty product for you to obsess over, and this one is a good one. Pearl Bath Bombs has recently launched a Unicorn Ring Bath Bomb ($16.95) that’s inspired by our favorite mythical spirit animal. And it ticks all of the boxes.

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Like the rest of the adorable bath bombs in Pearl’s offering, the Unicorn Ring Bath Bomb is handmade in America. It’s also vegan and cruelty free. (That means no unicorns were harmed in the making of it.) What’s more, the bath bomb is made with a swirling white, pink and blue design and a little golden unicorn horn is attached to the top of it.

When you drop the bath bomb in the water, things get even better. The bath bomb will turn the clear water in your tub into sparkly waves while leaving behind a delectable cotton candy scent. And for a bit of unicorn magic, each bath bomb will turn the water a surprise color (blue, pink or purple).

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And if you think that all sounds fabulous, we’re not done yet. This isn’t no ordinary bath bomb. It’s a Unicorn Ring Bath Bomb which means there’s also a ring inside of it. When you order the bath bomb, you can choose between gold, rose gold and sterling silver-plated rings, or you can ask to be surprised. If you prefer to know what you’re going to get, you can also pick your ring size too. The rings are available in sizes 5 to 10.

Pearl’s Unicorn Ring Bath Bomb just launched on May 11 so grab yours before everyone else realizes just how magical they are.