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Do you like pearls, or do you find them to be a bit, well, boring? No matter what your stance on pearl jewelry, you’re going to love the pearl hair color trend. FYI: Pearl hair, or pearlescent hair as it’s sometimes called, is so much more than bleached ivory locks.

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Proper pearl hair recreates the different shades that you see when you look at a pearl with different highlights and lowlights. The result is a multidimensional look that blends multiple shades to give you a cohesive finish.

If you were obsessed with opal hair when it first started blowing up on Instagram, you’re going to like pearlescent hair. Both are similar to each other, but the difference is that pearl hair often utilizes more subtler tones.

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Part of the beauty of the trend is that you’re not limited to one specific shade. As we know, pearls come in all different shades, so you can draw inspiration from any kind of pearl. You could keep things classic with an ivory-inspired look, or you could try something different like blue or green.

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No matter what look you choose, note that it will require some work to achieve it. Hair colorist and Design Director for Kevin Murphy‘s Color.Me, Kate Reid, explained to POPSUGAR that it is a process to achieve it. Plus, it will regular maintenance. You’ll also have to be prepared to bleach your hair to a very light blonde before you can start adding in the colors.

Is it worth it?  Have a look at the inspiration photos and decide for yourself whether you want your hair to gleam like a pearl or whether you’re content with rocking a pearl headband.