As part of their “Most Beautiful People” issue, People Magazine included a spread of famous women without any makeup on. Like most of these types of shoots, it’s framed in gimmicky language like “bare is beautiful,” but then again, until magazines start shooting normal stories with no makeup on the people, it’s not like they can let the fact of “no makeup” go unremarked.

To my great encouragement, Zooey’s eyes are not, in fact, as big as twin planets, which means there’s hope that the rest of us can make our eyes look that awesome too, with the help of some good makeup. She’s still pretty, but she also looks like a 32-year-old woman you might actually encounter in the real world. Maybe she even looks like you! This is the best case scenario for a spread like this: demonstrating how much power makeup has to transform people. Which, paradoxically, makes me want to wear more makeup, not less.

Except wait, here’s Jessica Pare, a.k.a. Megan from Mad Men, looking just as beautiful than she does on the show. I will admit some bias in that I find messed up teeth and freckles (what a nice surprise!) incredibly charming:

And now we arrive at the worst case scenario for a spread like this, namely, “I’m throwing out all my makeup! I give up!” Oh well, People. At least you tried.

(Via Jezebel)