What’s new in Pepsi-Cola world? Well, besides Lana Del Rey’s pussy tasting like it, the company has released a new soft drink that isn’t just low on calories–it supposedly helps you lose weight.

So what makes “Pepsi Special” so very special? It is infused with dextrin, which distributor Suntory claims can help reduce the fat levels in your body. Basically, you chug the stuff and it makes you skinnier, I guess. Science!

According to ABC News, the company decided to target young men seeking sexiness with an online commercial depicting a businessman having to choose between a woman dressed as pizza and a woman dressed as a burger. Apparently, it’s supposed to signify not having to make a choice between the shitty foods in your shitty diet, but I have a feeling it probably looks more like a sexy version of that one bizarre sketch from All That.

I know you’re all ready to run free into the night, secure with the knowledge that a soda is going to keep the pants from splitting while you gleefully eat 711 nachos for hours on end (oh, that’s just me?), but Pepsi Special has so far only been released in Japan. The Consumerist speculated that this may be because they lack evidence to support their claims, and I think this is probably an accurate theory. When it comes to making seemingly far-fetched weight loss claims about your product, be sure you’re telling the truth or somebody will notice.

Photo via ABCNews.