help-meAs we get older, it becomes more and more necessary to use additional aides when caring for our skin.  One of those aides is a peeling agent.  I told you last week about my experience with a chemical peel, now I want to focus on maintenance products.  One product that I love is Philosophy’s Help Me (I love that name don’t you?)

This is an advanced skincare treatment that will minimize the appearance of large pores, fine lines, improves skin discoloration and clears congested pores. a patented time-release delivery system allows the retinol to be released into the skin gradually for less irritation.

Help Me is a retinol based product and is very good for refining/smoothing the surface of your skin and reducing any fine lines. I use it before I put on moisturizer day and night..I have noticed recently I have some congestion/enlarged pores near my nose, this has cleared it up beautifully and without any harshness, redness or burning.

The Rundown: This is for you if…
  • you have deeply clogged pores
  • you want the ultimate multi-tasking product that will clear pores, even pigment, and reduce fine lines
  • you want the benefits of a vitamin a product without the peeling
  • you seek something more gentle than retin-a
  • you want a deep cleansing facial while you sleep
  • pregnant women should consult their physician before using this product as it contains retinol

Image:  Philosophy