ps disaster doll head

Sometimes we get Photoshop disasters that are so weird we just have to laugh. When we encountered this Sheinside dress advertisement, we laughed so hard we got one of those terrible side cramps. We’ve seen models turned into creepy dolls before, but this is the most ridiculous one yet.

The pretty blonde model wearing the “Black Long Sleeve Coins Floral Flare Dress,” which is just $29.00, has been Photoshopped so badly we cannot believe she can stand upright. Her body is so very tiny, and her head so very big.

“Just how did she get her head through the collar of that dress?” PS Disasters asked.

We’re not even sure how this became a Photoshop disaster. Ridiculously long legs, large breasts, or tiny waists we understand, but since when is having an extremely large head a sign of beauty? We can only imagine a team of Photoshop editors going over this picture.

“Make her head bigger! Oh yeah, that’s sexy.”

“Is this too big?”

There is no such thing as too big!

The dress seems cute enough from the picture, but we have no idea how it would fit on a person with a body. The waist seems like it would be at nipple height.

The reviewers on the site even seem confused.

“What the hell is up with the proportion of this freaky photography?” one reviewer asked.

“Your photo is bad and you should feel bad,” another opined.

Online sellers seriously have to realize that their customers can see and recognize this stuff, and it doesn’t make anybody want to buy their products. It just makes is very confused about what the hell is going on in the picture.