Asos photoshop

Not only can Photoshop remove any and all texture human beings have for our skin, it can also take away all those pesky internal organs we’ve been struggling to get rid of for years! The “Motel Sarina Skater Dress With Cut Out” from ASOS can apparently do just that.

The product’s model appears to have a waist that is approximately the width of her neck, which worries me, because there are lots of reasons that this should not happen. Namely, your liver, stomach, appendix (maybe), pancreas, gallbladder, colon…well, you get it. Basically, it is worrisome that this young woman may have had those all removed prior to the taking of this picture.

The description for this dress’ designer, Motel:

Inspired by vintage prints and cuts, Motel are renowned for creating well-crafted pieces in an eclectic mix of designs. Embracing the feminine silhouette; look out for statement party dresses in bold prints, with heavy embellishment and feminine detailing.

The feminine silhouette, meaning “no longer in possession of intestines,” is sure to be all the rage for Spring 2013! Look out for party dresses that make this one perfect statement: do not have a body. Or, if you must have a body, be sure to do away with the majority of it prior to putting on a pretty outfit. Then, and only then, will you be worthy of its feminine detailing. After all, the embellishment is already heavy; why should you be, too?

As a side note, why are these called “skater dresses”? Who is skating in a dress? What planet are you from that does not have wind?

[via Photoshop Disasters]