photoshop-horrors-long-legs-featWe played with Barbies and admired Gisele and have as deep-seated a love of leggy women as ever existed, but whoever is manning the office copy of Photoshop Elements over at online retailer OASAP has a leg fetish unlike any we’ve previously seen. Some Photoshop fails are honest mistakes. Others are the result of overzealousness. This one is clearly the latter, as someone just grabbed the model’s ankles and started stretching and stretching until he could stretch no further.

This is the rare example of the scroll-down fail. The top seems kind of normal, and then as you scroll down the screen …

photoshop-horrors-long-legsAnd now we can see her stomping across the Tokyo skyline like Godzilla, stepping over enormous buildings and kicking cars out of the way with her long, long spaghetti legs.

We don’t approve of mocking women with actually long legs by calling them “spaghetti legs,” but this model’s legs are clearly made of pixels and the eager enthusiasm of a young graphic artist, not anything resembling meat and sinew. Even the leggiest models in the world don’t have pins like this Photoshop of Horrors.

The $75 dress has sold out at OASAP, which surprises us because how can anyone have any idea what this dress actually looks like on a human body? Does it come to ankle length on a real woman, making it another victim of unfortunate airbrushing? Or would I receive this in the mail and find myself with a mullet dress with a train longer than Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress?

Via Photoshop Disasters/Photo: OASAP