Oftentimes we talk about skincare products here at Aging Fabulous, but another place that your age can show is in your hair! Beautiful shiny hair is the result of a healthy scalp. The scalp absorbs all the necessary elements for Keratin production from the body’s microcirculatory system: amino acids, vitamins and sulfur derivatives. Leading to healthy, strong hair, Keratin is the primary protein in the hair shaft. Unfortunately, Keratin production decreases due to internal and external daily stresses, leaving hair dull and lifeless.

Image: Phyto

Image: Phyto

It is very important to strengthen the scalp in order to maintain the hair’s natural balance and vitality. Beginning at age 30, hair often becomes weaker and more fragile. Over time hair becomes more porous, less resistant and weak. Lacking in density and elasticity, weakened hair becomes dry and thin.

Using PHYTO Paris Phytodensium Anti-Aging Serum for Lifeless Hair replaces lost elements, helping to re-strengthen and protect your hair and scalp’s natural defenses leading to increased suppleness and shine.

Gataline age-defense derived from a carefully selected walnut extract, with anti-free radical properties, prevents hair damaged caused by the aging process and protects the hair from harmful environmental factors.

Blackcurrant seed oil, rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, regenerates the hair. Birch and horsetail leaf extracts restore minerals to the hair fiber. A botanical protein complex increases the hair’s level of resistance and elasticity by forming a protective film over the surface. A tyrosine derivative helps boost the level of melanin and inhibits the appearance of gray hair.

Apply PHYTO Paris Phytodensium Anti-Aging Serum to clean towel-dried hair. Massage into the scalp and hair. Do not rinse and style hair as usual.

Start PHYTO Paris Phytodensium Anti-Aging Serum for Lifeless Hair before the holiday season is on full fledge and give yourself the gift that tops every girl’s wish list….the gift of beautiful hair!

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This serum is made in France and is reasonably priced in the USA since you pay $32.00 for 1.7 fl. oz., which should last you several months.

Bonne chance!