In Pick Of The Week, I highlight a nifty fashion or beauty item I’ve discovered in my travels.

What with all the confusion around these parts about how to keep one’s lips from getting chapped in the winter, I feel like I should weigh in and tell you that the only thing I ever put on my lips is Aquaphor.

I first discovered this particular lotion when I started getting tattooed by my friend Jess Versus. She recommends her clients use it on their healing tattoos, because unlike many lotions, it doesn’t contain a ton of alcohol, which can dry out your tattoo in a bad way. Once I had purchased a large supply of Aquaphor, I used it as my go-to lotion whenever my skin was feeling dry, and found it moisturized better than any of the fancier lotions I’d tried.

It works especially well on my chapped, winter time lips. Maybe because it’s a superior lotion, or maybe just because it has no flavor so I’m not constantly tempted to lick it off. It doesn’t come in a cute, colorful tube or anything, but it’s cheap and widely available, which is generally preferable in my book, anyway. I always keep a small tube of it in the dirty messenger bag I call a purse. Try it and see.