This week’s Pick Of The Week comes courtesy of my friend John, who swears by L’Oreal’s Elnett volumizing hairspray. I’m not too well-versed in hairspray myself, but he’s a designer who frequently has to style his models, and he also has really nice hair, so I trust his judgment. “It fucking keeps your hair in place without making you feel sticky,” he just told me via GChat. “Wow, I have never sounded so gay.”

“But John!” I insisted. “Isn’t hairspray sort of gross and ’80s? I tend to hate the way it makes my hair feel.” “I know, but this isn’t normal hairspray,” he replied. “It’s a miracle. It just, like, takes all the crazy out of the hair and keeps it just floating there all awesome and pretty.”

“And how do you, yourself, use said hairspray?”

“I dry my hair totally, spray loosely around the head, move the hair aorund a bit so it doesn’t look stiff, and VOILA! Your hair stays up and in place and shit.”

So there you have it. If it’s volumizing hairspray you crave, get this stuff. John and all of his fancy friends like it, and that’s good enough for me.