We’ve seen some fascinating rainbow hair color looks from pixelated strands to hair colors inspired by sushi to ones that change color in the presence of heat. The latest one that has caught our attention is plaid hair.

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We’ve had checkerboard hair and a few twists on striped hair, but the pink and blue plaid hair created by Blondies of Melbourne has still captured the internet’s attention. Allure reported on the cool plaid technique that sees strips of hair being dyed in different sections to create the woven effect.

The plaid hairstyle was created back in June, but the hairstylists recently posted it on social media. They explained on Instagram that they understand the look isn’t for everyone, but say it’s important to try new ideas. We couldn’t agree more. Even if you’re personally not into the idea of dyeing your hair plaid to match your top, you have to appreciate the skill involved in the look, especially as you can see from the transformation photos that the client’s hair starts off light brown. They then had to lighten her hair to blonde before applying the blue and pink dye.

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The finished look is pretty epic. Blondies Of Melbourne salon owner Karen Lewis  says this was the first attempt and they’re actually still working on refining the look. She explained to Allure, “We have been meaning to get a model in to refine the look but haven’t had time…I’m definitely keen to keep developing and perfecting this idea.” So, keep an eye for more plaid hair colors coming at you.