Why, it’s none other than Alecia Beth Moore, better known as the in-your-face pop star Pink!

The spunky singer announced the news to her fans via Instagram earlier today, posting this shot from the campaign with the caption “Guess who’s the new COVERGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!” Pink is. Pink is the new Cover Girl.

This choice of spokesmodel might seem a bit strange at first, as Pink doesn’t really fit the general mold of what you think of when you think of “Cover Girl” models. Despite her music being pretty indistinguishable from the rest of popdom, her image is a little on the “edgy” side, what with her punky, androgynous style, gleeful pronouncements of toughness, and insistence that she’s not just another “stupid girl.” (A wiser man than me recently noticed that pop stars are allowed leeway in the way that they look that completely dwarfs their sonic diversity.) She’s also 32, which is like, 100 in starlet years.

But despite all of this, Pink is, at the end of the day, a conventionally good looking lady (even if she’s not Brit Brit), as well as being very famous. And Cover Girl’s new collection is being billed as “beauty with an edge,” which, considering our current standards for female celebrities, didn’t really give them that many options in terms of recognizable yet “edgy” faces. Who else could they have gone with? Beth Ditto? Too obscure, already does stuff with MAC. Courtney Love? Too old and operated on (I don’t make the rules!). Lady Gaga? Potentially too weird, already claimed by MAC as well. So maybe this choice isn’t so wacky, after all.

That said, of course I find it encouraging whenever a woman who deviates from the thin/white/young/feminine archetype—no matter how little—lands a major mainstream beauty campaign. So, good for her and good for Cover Girl. I’m sure she’ll do those colorful sticks of pigment proud.

(Via Rolling Stone)