That up there is Pink‘s incredibly taut abdomen, as featured on the cover of Shape magazine. Pink’s pulling up her mesh shirt (kind of redundant, we suppose) to reveal said abs because she recently lost 55 lbs of baby weight. Baby weight put on, she says, by eating “a lot of cheesecake during those nine months. Also anything sour, Sour Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Key Lime Pie.” She even joked that daughter Willow might be “part cheesecake.”

Anyway, after Willow was born, Pink was surprised that she didn’t feel super one with the universe and in touch with her body/Gaia: “I thought I’d feel like a goddess. They sell you on that shit… like you’ll never feel more feminine. Really, I just felt like a mess.”

Naturally, she’s now explaining how she lost those 55 lbs to fitness magazines. Her two main tactics were 1) yoga and 2) veganism (we’re sure TheGloss’ resident vegan Jamie Peck has a big eyeroll at yet another famous person touting veganism as a weightloss tool). Oh, and of course, by “vegan” she means “Hollywood vegan”: the singer ate chicken and fish occasionally. As for exercise, she worked out with celeb trainer Jillian Michaels, doing an hour of cardio a day and then another hour of strength-training (or yoga). Pink now claims she is “in the best shape of [her] life.”

We appreciate that Pink is frank about the hard work it took to get in mesh shirt condition–especially when so many celebrity moms claim they lost an equivalent amount of weight by “chasing the baby around” or breastfeeding–and we also appreciate that her routine doesn’t sound terribly extreme or restrictive. So, carry on, Pink!