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I’m not big on fragrances. I’m supremely sensitive to smell, and shudder in disgust (beyond my control) when department store employees push scented sticks of paper at my face. So, why would I bother trying a service like Pinrose, which promises to find your perfect fragrance match vis-a-vis synesthesia (see: the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body)? Well, the synesthesia-based customization was a part of my intrigue to say the least. This plays out through a fun quiz in which you choose the image you feel drawn to—be it a sandy beach with a single shell, or a purple feathery boa situations.

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Then, after a series of such choices, you receive a profile, which suggests three fragrances you might enjoy. (There are ten in all). Plus, the flattery of (in my case) the description “Goddess” alongside Pinrose’s selections for you.

It’s like a horoscope + personal shopper + personality quiz. And it’s pretty cool.

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Then, you can choose your preferred method of application. A “petal” is a tiny (but not too tiny) one-time application wipe (perfect for your gym bag/desk/bag…you know the drill). Also perfect for…scent experimentation. I received my three matches and while fortunately, none of them sent my head spinning (as a migraine sufferer and beauty writer, I actually truly do have to be careful when it comes to scent as some can be triggers!), Treehouse Royal was my clear winner. One I actually wanted to spray once I’d used my trial petal towelettes up. A set of 20 towelettes (or, as they call it: fragrance-on-the-fly) include 7, 7, and 6 of the three scents included, and costs $24.

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(Photo: Instagram/pinrosescents)

Once you’re ready to commit, you can go the bottle route ($55). Or not, if you’re the indecisive, switch-it-up type. Commitment-phobes can tread safely as Pinrose has covered every base when it comes to setting the mood of your chosen perfume for you. We’re talking mood boards via Pinterest, playlists via 8Tracks Radio, a vibe description, and of course, the top, mid, and base notes the scent is comprised of.

With names like “Secret Genius,” “Campfire Rebel,” and “Garden Gangster,” any result feels cool. So, fellow reticent perfume shoppers, I’m calling it: Pinrose is the cool, new, (super-tech-friendly) way to find a perfume you’ll actually love.