complicated braidSometimes I see these gorgeous braided hairstyles on Pinterest and envision what they’d look like on my weird head. My braided daydreams never get past the imagination stage because the tutorials are too complicated and I’m not a freaking wizard. I prefer more low-key and simple hairstyles anyway, but maybe I’m just sour. Some Pinterest braids are just ridiculously complex and puzzlingly ornate. Sure, we all sort of want to look like fairies, mermaids, and space princesses, but not all of us have the hair or the skills for it. Maybe some wildly coordinated people with eight pairs of surgeon-steady hands, 100 mirrors and all the time in the world will be able to master braided hair-dos on their own heads, but if you’re a putz like me, chances are you’ll end up tearing your own hair out just trying.

Here are 10 unnecessarily complicated braids from Pinterest:

1) The Braid Princess Leia Would Call Over The Top  

complicated braid

This is like the M.C. Escher of hair-dos.

2) The Most Difficult Effortless-Looking Hairstyle Ever 


I sucked at making boondoggles at summer camp, so there’s no way I’d be able to finagle this hairstyle without actually knotting my hair up irreparably.

3) The Twee As Hell Heart Braid 

heart braid

Not only is this braid not age appropriate for anyone over 12, but you’d need a perfectly shaped head and the acute spacial reasoning skills of an engineer to do this saccharine braid right.

4)  The “Four Strand Slide Up” 

four strand slide up

I’d need a girl scout or a sailor to explain knots to me before even contemplating this one.

5) The Big Braided Bun

braided bun

This will look like a braided butt when you do it yourself.

6) Chinese Staircase Braid staircase braidI had no idea that staircases in China were so twisted and hairy.

7) The Deceptively Simple Spiral Braid 

spiral braidShe looks beautiful, but I genuinely can’t comprehend the physics behind this braid.

8) The Flower Braid

FlowerbraidLaughed out loud in real life thinking about trying to brush my hair out after attempting this. You’ll have better luck just gluing a real flower to your head.

9) The Messy Summer Braidmessy summer braid

Even if I had the fine motor skills to do this, I’d need to get like 3 rows of hair extensions to achieve this look.

10) The More Twisted Than Helen Hunt In Twister (1996) Twisted Braid

twisted braid

Even Rapunzel and Shoshanna from HBO’s Girls were like “fuck dis” after attempting this complicated braid.

Photos: Shutterstock and Pinterest