Eyeshadow Palette

Photo: Pinterest

Hands up if you’ve ever bought an eyeshadow palette and only used one or two colors? Or have you bought a coordinating trio or quad and only ever worn the shades individually? That’s what I thought. The likelihood of most of us using more than two shades at once is about as likely as us contouring our faces before work every morning. Even with the palettes that smartly label where to put each color, the idea of going for a gradient eye still fills many of us with trepidation (how much of that is brow bone and am I suppose to highlight it all?) Applying the wrong color in the wrong spot will make you look like a clown or a 10 year old who stole her sister’s makeup box and colored on her face.

Here are some great hacks on how to wear eyeshadow palettes correctly:

1. Eye Diagram
Eye Diagram Let’s start with the basics shall we. If you have no idea where the waterline is, how are you going to apply the shadow correctly?

2. Figure Out Your Eye Shape

EyeShadow For Eye TypeIf you’ve ever put on eye shadow that made you look like you had a black eye, you probably didn’t apply it according to your eye shape.

3. The Correct Order To Apply Shadow
Eyeshadow Order

Figuring out the correct way to layer your shadows if half the battle. Follow the chart above then blend to perfection.

4. What Shade Goes Where

How to Apply Shadow

Confused about whether the light brown or medium shade goes on the crease? This shows you what shadow to put where, kind of like instructions for assembling an Ikea desk but better.

5. Eye Shadow Ideas For Your Eye Shape
Smashbox Eye Shapes

Now that you know whether you have hooded or almond eyes, and you know the correct order to apply your eyeshadow, you can go try out a few different versions of your most flattering look.

6. Increase Your Colors
Different Shadow Ideas

This handy-dandy diagram shows you how to gradually increase your colors. Perfect if the thought of adding a second shade of green fills you with terror. Baby steps.

7. How to Highlight

How to Highlight Eyes

A well-placed dot of white eyeshadow will make you look like you’ve had 8 hours of sleep, even if you really had 3 and 4 cups of coffee. If that isn’t magic, I don’t know what is.

8. How To Wear Monochrome Color

Green Shadow Tutorial

It’s time to graduate to the big color league. When you know where to put the emerald green, it really isn’t that much of a scary color after all. Promise.

9. How To Add a Pop Of Color

Guerlain Shadow Demo

Do you have a palette with one color that doesn’t seem to quite go with the rest? They didn’t make a mistake at the factory, it’s supposed to be there. This tutorial is proof.

10. How To Wear A Trio Of Different Colored Brights

Trio Eye Shadow Tutorial

Gold, peach and turquoise? Yes please. You think it wouldn’t work but it does. Why would they put the colors in a palette then?

11. How to Wear A Neutral Quad

How to Wear a Quad

Layering neutral shades can be just as pretty as layering different hues of sparkly purple.

12. How To Get A Crisp Line

How to Get a Crisp Line

Your smoky eye got a bit too smoky? This ingenious tip shows you how to get a crisp line, no matter how wobbly your hand.

13. How To Go Multicolored

Multi Color Eye Shadow Tutorial Master this look and you’ll be able to take on any makeup palette. No matter how proud you are, save this look for after work. Your girls will get it, but your co-workers probably won’t.