Pizza Pizza ????

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Hair colors have been inspired by almost everything imaginable from oil slicks to cotton candy to pearls. And one clever hairstylist has come up with an ingenious way to incorporate everyone’s love of pizza into hair colors thanks to a pizza undercut.

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If you thought that undercuts were a bit stale (ahem) nowadays, the pizza undercut might totally change your mind. Cosmopolitan UK reported that the look was created by hairstylist Kelly Woodford. She posted the image of the epic hairstyle in January on Instagram, but it has recently started to go viral.

The look has Kelly shaving a triangular pizza slice-like undercut in the back of the model’s head. From there, she paints it with varying shades of yellow and orange to create the “dough” and the “crust.” She even adds a bit of red to mimic pepperonis and some green strokes to represent green peppers. Are you getting hungry yet? Helpfully, Kelly posted a video on Instagram of the whole process so we can see the magic happen right before our eyes.

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And what makes this pizza undercut better is that it’s a hidden pizza undercut. When the model wears her rainbow hair down, the slice of pizza is completely hidden. But when she wears it up, that is when we get all of the cheesy goodness.

Who’s ready to have a slice?