Never join a beauty pageant!

Cheer up though – the plague wasn’t that bad. I mean, it wasn’t that great, either. Contestants were supposedly provided with unsanitary make-up that gave them cold sores. Christy Chan, one of the contestants told Inside China:

“The cause of the cold sore may be due to the unsanitary makeup.  With makeup shared amongst the peers and lack of rest, my immune system is weak causing the cold sore.  Because of this, the company had requested for us to bring our own lipstick.”
Alternatively, I suppose they could all have been making out and just spreading cold sores left and right. To be fair, the majority of the population has cold sores, so I’m not sure we can really call this a plague, but there could be some Contagion stuff this year at the Miss USA Pageant. We don’t know! The Mayans could be right! (This is what the Mayans meant, almost certainly). In any event, if you do join a beauty pageant, bring your own lipstick. I guess that’s the take-away from this tragedy.

Pic via Img.tvb via Buzzfeed