When its not giving people insane joker smiles, plastic surgery actually improves the self confidence of many people. Unfortunately, this is not always the case — sometimes, surgery is a direct result of personal pressure put on by a person’s partner. On that note, meet Dr. David Matlock, a famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who appeared on Dr. 90210 and pioneered postpartum vaginal reconstruction. He has also managed to design and sculpt a “perfect wife” via his own scalpels and needles.


Matlock met his wife Veronica in 2007 when she came for a consultation on vaginoplasty after having her daughter Isabella. Oddity Central reports the story (in a way that makes it sound romantic, despite it being the exact opposite):

The beautiful brunette was 40lbs heavier and was so unhappy with the way she looked that she couldn’t even look him in the eye during their first conversation. But David didn’t see her extra pounds, he just saw her potential and asked her if she was willing to go through a “Wonder Woman Makeover” which included liposuction of the chin, arms and thighs as well as a “Brazilian Butt” lift. She opted for everything he suggested and put her body in his able hands. After he was done, Dr. Matlock asked Veronica out and proposed to her on their very first date. He has been helping her improve her physique ever since, also encouraging her to stick to a healthy diet and strict exercise program.

Everything except the last part is absurd. First off, a plastic surgeon — or any surgeon, honestly — should never recommend a bunch of unnecessary procedures. Second, does anybody think it’s insane to act as though being 40 pounds heavier means you only have “potential” rather than, say, actual wonderful qualities? That being one weight means you’ve fulfilled your potential and at the other, one can only dream of it? To make this sound like anything but the story of a guy telling the woman he digs that he wishes she looked different is irresponsible.

The 49-year-old surgeon has also gone through several procedures himself, including liposuction and sculpting on his biceps, pecs, triceps and calves. Matlock and Veronica, 38, eat “carefully planned” meals each day in an effort to maintain their physiques.

“Because he keeps himself looking good, it’s added pressure. So I feel like I have to look good, you know,” says Veronica. Because, you know, looking however you look is unacceptable if your partner is conventionally attractive! Feel bad about yourself until you change!

But don’t worry, guys: Veronica and her husband have a totally healthy relationship filled with criticism and appeals for change.

Veronica says that although her husband encourages her to get various procedures done, she feels he loves her for who she is, because when she first walked into his office she didn’t look very attractive, but he always tells her it was love at first sight.

How lucky she must be to snag a real keeper like that, eh? On the bright side, their 9-year-old daughter says she doesn’t want plastic surgery “because it’s not really you, like I want to be myself.” While I’m personally a-okay with plastic surgery provided nobody feels obligated to have it, I am at least glad one person in the house isn’t feeling this ridiculous pressure to conform to somebody else’s standards.

Here’s the story in their own words. Try not to vomit in your own mouth.