Uh, good riddance. After Everyday Sexism ripped it to shreds on Twitter, iTunes has removed a new app that allowed kids to perform “plastic surgery” on the faces of avatars. Thanks for that one, universe!

The app, called “Plastic Surgery & Plastic Doctor & Plastic Hospital Office for Barbie version” (which has nothing to do with the actual Barbie and was probably named by a seventh grader), was devoted to making this world a better place by teaching little girls how to critique the facial structure of cartoons. Exactly what we needed! According to its description page,

This unfortunate girl has so much extra weight that no diet can help her. In our clinic she can go through a surgery called liposuction that will make her slim and beautiful. We’ll need to make small cuts on problem areas and suck out the extra fat. Will you operate her, doctor?

Blegghhhh. Yes, young kids should definitely be learning that a) there’s something very wrong with the way they look, b) money and doctors can cure their unhappiness, and c) all it takes is a few cuts in your face for you to be beautiful. The app includes a variety of options, too, so whether you’re in the mood to make incisions in someone’s skin or give a local anesthetic on someone’s stomach, there’s always something new to try!

To make matters worse, the Independent discovered a similar app on the Google Play store, whose description reads,

Barbara likes to eat a lot of burgers and chocolates and once she found hat she looks ugly. She can’t make it up with situation any additional second. And today plastic surgeon is going to make operation on her body and face in order to return cute Barbara’s look. She is afraid of all of this.

It warms my heart that English clearly isn’t the first language of whoever wrote this, because that means our oppressive beauty standards are delightfully affecting people worldwide. I’m glad we’re spreading the love.

On the bright side, it’s good to know that these apps are being removed for breaching the iTunes and Google guidelines. If you see something else horrendous, speak up! It could make a tangible difference.

Via E! / Photo: @everydaysexism