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If you thought that Farrah Abraham‘s lip implant procedure and the calf surgery that makes it easier to fit into your tall boots were strange, those are nothing compared to some of the new types of plastic surgery. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Lyle Back, explained about some of the new plastic surgery procedures and treatments that are being offered, and they are seriously odd. Gone are the days when we would worry about boob size, now our concern is nipple shape and diameter. And we’re also looking for procedures for our eyebrows, cheeks and even frowns.

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Here are 8 WTF new plastic surgery procedures:

1. Grin LiftPlastic Surgery Smile

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Turn your frown upside down with a knife, not a smile. Ageing can cause the corners of your mouth to turn down leaving you with a bitchy permafrown. This procedure corrects it by removing small triangles of skin around your mouth. You may get a happy face, but be warned, you can end up with “permanent scars that can make you look like The Joker.” That’s probably not the end result you were hoping for.

2. Eyebrow Transplants

Plastic Surgery Eyebrows

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We can blame Cara Delevingne and her strong brows for this one. Whether you want to copy Cara’s eyebrows exactly, or come up with your own unique arch, this procedure allows you to create your own personalized eyebrow stencil. Where do the hairs come from? Surgeons remove a four-inch-wide piece of scalp from the back of your head. Then they take the hairs off, and graft them into your desired shape. You’ll get #eyebrowsonfleek but you’ll also probably get a scar.

3. Chubby Cheek SurgeryKiss Plastic Surgery

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Chubby cheeks, jowls, chipmunk cheeks, there are lots of names but one new procedure to get rid of them. A buccal lipectomy removes a gumball-sized chunk of fat from your face to give you a more contoured face. Apparently it is still classified as minor surgery, despite the whole “removing a gumball-sized chunk” thing.

4. Thigh Gap TherapyPlastic Surgery Thighs

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In this case, “therapy” equals cold lasers. (Cold lasers sound so much friendlier than hot lasers, don’t they?) The therapy, called Verju, supposedly contours your legs while melting away fat cells, giving you the thigh gap that everyone is so obsessed about. If you’re wondering what exactly a cold laser is, apparently they do not create any heat, pain or a burning sensation.

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5. Bellybutton Surgery

Plastic Surgery Bellybutton

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Got an outie but want an innie that you’ll be proud to show off in crop tops? There’s a plastic surgery for that. Outie bellybuttons are actually small umbilical hernias, so a surgeons can “repair” them by making a small incision on the upper surface of the belly button. The result is an innie and a permanent scar that is usually not visible.

6. Bra Line Back LiftPlastic Surgery Bra Back

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Those rolls on your back may be from an ill-fitting bra or they could be the result of “bread back.” This procedure surgically removes the rolls. Unlike liposuction, there won’t be any loose skin, but you will be left with a scar on your bra line. Another less invasive option is to look for a different bra.

7. Internal BraPlastic Surgery Bra

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If you hate wearing a bra altogether and don’t even like wireless ones, you can have a procedure that gives you an “internal bra.” There are two types of internal bras. The first is a bra-like mesh which restricts sagging, and is inserted during a breast lift. Next, is a new procedure with silicone cups that are added under the breast issue and lifted with silk straps, then they’re sewn into place. They both sound much more comfortable than a regular bra, don’t they?

8. Nipple And Areola ReductionPlastic Surgery Black Bra

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If you like the rest of your boobs, but not your nipples and/or areolas, this procedure will give you the size and shape you want. If they’re too long, surgeons can shorten them by removing the tip. If they’re too wide, they can reduce the diameter, however you will be left with a permanent circular scar. You’ll have lost some nipple diameter but gained scar tissue around your areola.