Today, we’re going to talk about plopping (because I’m reallllllyyyyyyyy tired of talking about twerking). Plopping (sometimes called plunking, which is a much better sounding name, in my opinion) is an offshoot of the Curly Girl method, the care and styling method for curly hair that basically revolutionized the curly-haired world a few years ago. Plopping’s a post-shower drying technique, how you get your hair from sopping wet to gorgeous, angelic, season-1-of-Felicity curls.

The basic idea behind plopping is this: Rather than using ye olde terrycloth towel as a turban (which can cause frizz and breakage) after you shower and apply product to your hair, you use a soft cotton t-shirt to wrap your head. And instead of twisting it all up on top of your head, you carefully twist and wrap the t-shirt so it curls around your ears. Here, let Puertoricanbeauty22 show you the method via YouTube:

[youtube_iframe id=”nv1xUgQEcD0″]

See? If you have curly hair, the idea is that the t-shirt will sort of stack each curl on top of itself, making it springier and shapelier, while also adding volume at the roots—crucial for avoiding that triangular look curly hair can often get. You can keep your plop-turban on for about 20-30 minutes, while you do your morning routine, apply your makeup, listen to “Best Song Ever” on repeat (No? Yeah, like I’m the only 27-year-old woman who harbors a not-so-secret love for One Direction), whatever you want. When you take the t-shirt off, your hair is closer to dry and almost totally styled.

I’ve been plopping for, oh, maybe four or five years now. I have the type of super long, super thick, super curly hair that takes hours and hours to fully dry, so plopping is a great way to get some of the moisture out while also cutting down on frizz and helping to shape the curl.  I am not big on heat styling, even using a diffuser—my mom got me a blow dryer for Christmas last year and it’s never been taken out of the box—so I plop pretty much every day in the colder months, especially if I have somewhere I need to be in the morning.

Plopping, I’ve heard, is just as effective for wavy hair as for curly hair, especially if you’re trying to coax your wavy hair into becoming curlier (or just want a curlier style for a particular day).

So, do you plop? Would you plop? If you do plop, how do you plop? Please, let’s talk about plopping.