Sometimes, Gloss Editors disagree. About caviar facials. The Gloss offices are like Thunderdome, but with beauty products.

Lilit’s Point: You know what’s the best part about being a beauty editor? Getting to smear random stuff all over your face. And usually it’s just some gooey white cream with a bunch of unpronounceable shit in it. But a caviar facial? I know exactly what that is and what it’s made out of: fishy stuff and expensiveness. How can you go wrong with either of those things? I keep seeing on TV that fish oil is good of for you, which means it should be good for your face as much as the rest of you. And you can probably try and eat the leftovers.

Jennifer’s Point: Every time I have tried to do something with caviar other than eat it, something has gone horribly wrong. The lip gloss infused with caviar? It made me taste fish oil for a week. I started to worry that I had a brain tumor that was making me think everything tasted like fish, until I realized that it had clearly somehow absorbed into my gums. The caviar infused shampoo? It made my hair smell like an oily sea creature. And it took three cleanings with Herbal Essences to erase the smell. The horrible, wretched, Shamu smell. I know what’s going to happen when I try a caviar facial: something bad. Something bad will happen. Sure Lilit, do it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you when baby fish start hatching on your face.