You know how sometimes, magazines or websites (not us) will ask you what your best feature is? Like, is it your boobs, or is it your legs, or maybe it’s your hair or your eyes?

I used to have a really silly answer for that question, and it was “my hands.” Truth be told, I still like my hands, but I think I answered that way because the question makes me so uncomfortable.

First of all, I don’t like to think of myself as a cluster of unassociated body parts. Second of all, I either like or dislike myself as a whole person — it’s not like I wake up some mornings and am all, “feet, you are on my good side today, but you know what, eyebrows? Fuck you.” And finally, the idea of identifying — and then loudly proclaiming — a favorite body part seems like both a strangely excessive and strangely restrictive way to allow for confidence. Like, you can have delusions of grandeur about your knuckles, but that’s it! Everybody gets one body part to like, and one part only.

But, what about you? Do you have one body part that you particularly love? I’m also curious to know if you groom this part excessively, but that question isn’t as conducive to a poll.

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