The correct answer to that question is “Who?”

Reichen Lemkuhl has actually had a pretty cool career – he served in the military, won The Amazing Race, was the boyfriend who helped push Lance Bass out of the closet, and wrote a memoir about being gay in the Air Force. Sadly, he came down with a nearly fatal case of famewhoreitis, which prompted him to join the cast of The A List: New York, a show devoted to making gay men in New York look like annoying, overly orange drama queens. And that’s not the last stop in his world domination tour. Now, Reichen is releasing a cologne, the creatively titled “Reichen: The Fragrance.” The scent, says Reichen, is “how I want a man to smell.” The reporter who attended the product launch (a person who doesn’t know the difference between “teeming” and “teaming”) said that the fragrance was “clean and definitely sensual.”

Reichen: The Fragrance is available at at $39 for 30 mL or $77 for 100 mL.