While contemplating the awfulness that is New Year’s Eve dresses, I had a sudden thought. Millions of women across the country are going to have to dust off that razor, hop in the tub and shave those hairy, nasty winter legs. Or they are going to be like me and wear super-thick tights out to the bars this year. I mean, that is what most people will do right? Tights or leggings under their dress? Because who on earth shaves in the winter?

Maybe I’m just behind the times. As a happily married woman, if I’m wearing pants to work that day, there’s very little incentive to shave my legs.

You’re welcome to feel sorry for my husband if it suits you, but I’m pretty sure he’s okay with the fact that he can roll over and have sex any time he wants to, as long as he doesn’t mind prickly calves.

Sure, every once in a while I bite the bullet and shave my legs for a special outfit. And then I save that outfit for the next day because it’s going to take two days of shaving and moisturizing to get these legs ready for public viewing. I’m not saying that I have anything against smooth legs from November until March. It just doesn’t seem practical to maintain that type of upkeep. The benefits really don’t seem to outweigh that extra 15 minutes I can sleep in if my shower is less than 12 minutes.

I’ve always assumed that we all do this type of cost analysis with our time in the morning. Sleep or a chance to eat breakfast definitely beats out smooth legs that no one will see. That’s the winter toss-up. Then New Years Eve rolls around and most of us shave to where a cute skirt. Then we revert back to our regularly scheduled hairiness until Spring Break. We might take a week long intermission for Valentine’s Day, depending on our personal feelings about Hallmark holidays.

Anyways, I know that The Gloss has had plenty of debate about body hair in general, but I’d really like to take a straight up and down vote here. It’s mostly to assuage my own conscience, but you don’t mind, right? Does anyone actually shave on a regular basis in the winter? Or are we all pretty cool with growing a little fur under those long pants until spring rolls around?

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(Photo: Cool Bean Mommas)