I was out at a Neutrogena dinner last night. While there, one of the Neutrogena experts mentioned that in a poll 2/3rds of women would be willing to give something up for a year for flawless skin. 51% would be willing to give up chocolate.

Now, obviously, since I have the pox, I try not to think about imperfect skin too much (my mom says my face craters mean I’m beautiful the way people in the 12th century were beautiful). But if I were normal, I’d probably be just toss some concealer on when I did get a pimple and not worry about it. It would be great to have (and apperently they Neutrogena products help your skin breathe and don’t clog your pores, so that’s good) but it doesn’t seem like it would be worth giving anything up over.

Unless it was magical skin. If your skin was so flawless that it would make people believe y0u were the most beautiful person they’d ever seen, then that could be worth it. I think we’re going to need two polls.

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