Over at GQ, a shy but curious man writes in saying that he likes to use a blow-dryer, but that his friends make fun of him for it:

“I like to blow-dry my hair before leaving the house, but my friends say only women use blow-dryers. What do you think?”
Well, I think that men like this deserve an answer from the people whose opinions they really care about: ours! After all, if a man can come back to his friends and say, “Guess what? I’ll still get laid, even though I use a blow-dryer — I read it on The Gloss,” well, first of all it will direct more traffic to our site because then all his friends will want to read the article to find out how they, too, can get laid by using simple household items, but also, it will free up men to be more hygienic, more understanding of what we go through to look good, and less worried about adhering to neanderthal codes of masculinity that no longer apply in today’s modern world. And I think that that’s kind of a win-win.
So here you go:
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