According to The Daily Mail, the average woman thinks that the perfect time to get plastic surgery is after you’ve been in a disfiguring accident and are desperately in need of it. Joking! It’s Apparently, it’s 52 years, 41 weeks and 4 days. Because voters at the Daily Mail are oddly specific?

They say it’s  partly because beautiful older women like Helen Mirren makes us feel pressure to look young. Oh, Helen Mirren. Running around playing sassy, sexy figures the Queen of England. You bitch. What happened to the days when all old women looked like sad dinosaurs at 40 after a lifetime full of pox and famine? I guess we’re truly out of the 14th century. And since we are, we can all get plastic surgery if we want it. I don’t know that any age is “the right age” but if The Daily Mail can pose that question, I guess we can too. What’s the right age for plastic surgery?

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