Have you heard? Baz Luhrmann is thinking of making a new version of The Great Gatsby. He wants Leonardo DiCaprio for Gatsby and Tobey Maguire for Nick, but the role of  Daisy Buchanan is still up for grabs.

There’s a lot of hot debate at The Gloss office about who would make the best Daisy. It sounds as though Baz is leaning towards Amanda Seyfried, but we don’t like that.

Could it be Carey Mulligan? Umm, maybe, because she has Mia Farrow’s haircut. But Daisy was a stone fox, and Carey doesn’t necessarily exude that brand of foxiness.

Natalie Portman? I honestly can’t picture Natalie Portman saying that the best thing for a woman is to be “a beautiful little fool.” Natalie Portman seems too smart and sophisticated to ever seem like she could sell that line.

At some point, this all might have devolved into angry debate, and someone might have started calling Daisy a dumb slut, and that someone might have been me (though I know, I know, she’s complicated, and it’s not nice to call fictional characters sluts.) However, if they wanted to go the dumb slut route, I don’t know, Paris Hilton? She’s not doing much these days.

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