It’s a little surprising that anything Lady Gaga does makes news anymore, as if a woman who wore slabs of raw meat as a dress is now going to shock us with how far she’s willing to take fashion.

But make news she does, and her most recent headline-grabbing move was rocking a bald wig on the Paul O’Grady Show during a recent performance of her song “Hair” (we get the irony — do you?). It would be considered a bold move for just about anyone else, even despite the fact that she didn’t actually shave her head. When other famous women like Natalie Portman, Demi Moore and, tragically, Britney Spears, have done the same, it was also talked about for months (actually, years, because here I am still talking about it).

So I wonder, have you ever, or would you ever, go completely bald?

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