Fashion designer Amy ­Smilovic paid for her own unkempt manicure after noticing UK Vogue and Elle editors with chipped red polish. According to the Daily Mail, Smilovic posted on her Facebook saying, “It somehow screamed, ‘I’m put together, I love red, but really, who has the time?'” And now, everyone is wondering if this is a trend. The New York Times quotes manicurist and salon owner Ji Baek saying she has seen celebrites with chipped nails because “wearing perfectly-tailored clothes, they have $5,000 bags and equally fabulous shoes, but their nails are chipped and they’re saying, ‘I don’t care.’ They don’t want to be too perfect.”

Manicures just don’t last. They are supposed to last for 10 days, if that. When I paint my nails, they last maybe three days because I’m terrible at being dainty. So it’s inevitable to have chipped nails. But why is having chipped polish a trend? Polished nails are supposed to give off the “I’m put together” look. Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are all known for chipped nails and yet they’re not exactly “put together.” They’re actually kind of grungy. Is that what chipped nails are doing? Are they bringing back grunge? And why pay for a manicure if it’s going to be an unfinished one? Even nail polish brands are following suit. OPI’s collaboration with Katy Perry includes a color called “Black Shatter” that makes your nails look crackled. But these days it seems that an unkempt look is actually becoming more of a trend. Actresses, such as Rachel Bilson, are sporting the ombre hair color look, aka “dark roots, light hair.” It seems that looking dirtier, and trying to look dirtier, is becoming fashionable.

Looking at my nails right now, the tips are the tiniest bit chipped. And while that doesn’t mean I’m going to rush home to fix them anytime in the next few days, it also doesn’t mean I’m about to have my hands look like I bite my nails and pick my polish. Are you going to try the chipped nail polish trend? What do you think about it?

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