The next time you’re looking to update your makeup look, you might want to reach for your arts and crafts box instead of your makeup case. That’s because pom pom makeup is the surprising new beauty trend that has been filtering into our Instagram feeds.

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When it comes to fashion, pom poms are one of the hottest details of Spring 2017. They’ve showed up on vests, jackets and even the hems of jeans. Not to mention that there are entire jewelry collections inspired by the fluffy orbs. Therefore, it was really only a matter of time before makeup artists started playing with them.

Pom-Pom Mess ❤???? Editorial Makeup x talented @lizvilchez (soon on the blog!).

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Allure picked up on the trend that makeup artists were getting creative and adding different colored pom poms to their usual contouring and bold lipstick looks. Some makeup artist opt to only use a few well-placed pompoms while others prefer to make use of their whole stash. Similarly, some like to focus the pom poms on a specific feature, like the eyes, whereas others go bold and decorate their entire faces with them.

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It’s definitely more of an editorial/Instagram beauty look, but pom pom makeup is something that would work for festival season or Halloween. And if you’re still not convinced about applying pom poms to your face, you can always just stick with the pom pom manicure trend.