We’ve seen a lot of out there brow looks. Just think about dragon brows, feather brows and foil brows. Out of all of them, braided brows seem to captivate/horrify the internet the most because they made it look like people were braiding their brows. (Thanks to a bit of Photoshop trickery.) Inspired by the look, one makeup artist decided to try another updo to create ponytail brows.

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Shortly after braided brows went viral makeup artist @maryivani posted a photo of her ponytail brow creation on Instagram. Like with braided brows, she had a bit of help creating the look thanks to Photoshop. The finished result features a flawless eyebrows with a long, swishy ponytail on the end.

Furthermore, the ponytail brow look is clearly a joke, just like braided brows. That being said, it has still caught the attention of Instagrammers and the rest of the internet.

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If you are looking for something to copy from @maryivani’s look, you can recreate the pretty dove gray eyebrow, false lashes and eyeliner flick. You don’t need Photoshop for that and you won’t get any weird looks for sporting it IRL.