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No one’s ever accused reality TV stars of living the most conventional of lifestyles, but sometimes even people-who-get-paid-to-throw-wine-on-other-people have the ability to surprise us. Today, it’s Porsha Williams Stewart of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, who appears to have gotten a blowout… for her mugshot. To each their own?

If you’re not up to speed with the whole situation, it basically goes like this: the 31-year-old actress recently turned herself in to the police after being charged with Simple Battery in response to a fight against her costar, Kenya Moore. Moore called 911 after Stewart attacked her while they filmed a reunion episode of the show. “I’ve just been assaulted,” she said in the call (which you can very conveniently listen to on TMZ). “She hit me on my head and started fighting me, hitting me.” This happened in late March, so Stewart has had ample time to prepare for her mugshot– and it looks like she didn’t waste a minute of it.

porsha williams mugshot

The photo, which could easily be confused for a yearbook headshot, features a grinning Stewart with a full face of makeup: eyeliner, filled brows, a really great bold lip color that I admittedly want to find for myself, what appears to be some contouring and highlighting. Her hair is done to perfection, and she’s wearing gold earrings and a red carpet smile. It’s almost pretty enough to make you forget she’s in legal trouble for beating someone up. Makeup is a powerful tool!

I’ve always been really fascinated by celebrity mugshots, since there’s absolutely no right way to pose for one. You could go the Lindsay Lohan route and look dejected and miserable due to the fact that you’re, ya know, in jail. You could take a lesson from Jenna Jameson and just lean into looking like the drunk driver on a DARE pamphlet. Or, of course, you could follow Porsha’s lead and apply a foundation that will still hold up under fluorescent lights.

Via Popsuagr / Photos: Getty Images, Fulton County Police