American Apparel’s new line of nail-polish is out! We’ve got 10 potential names for the colors:

1) Pedo Beard (For the maroon one)

2) Snuff Film Basement (greige)

3) I Really LikeAsianGirlsButDudeItsNotLikeAFetishOrAnythingItsJustA Thing (yellow)

4) Jizz. (Shucks, that’s taken).

5) Greenpoint is such a Great Neighborhood (Green)

6) My Favorite Pick-Up Line Is ‘You Have No Idea How Fucked Up I Am” (red)

7) Naked Yoga Isn’t Gross (Purple)

8) Your Favorite Band Sucks (Blue)

9) Do You Ever Think That Sometimes You’re Shallow? (Orange)

10) When Dovs Cry (White)