kristen stewart

You know, how anyone gets to Hooters is a mystery (I once went because I thought it was scandalous and I was 13) but how Kristen Stewart got there seems like its own kind of mystery. PopSugar claims that:

According to a source, Kristen enjoyed the restaurant’s famous chicken wings and beer and agreed to pose for photos with a group of waitresses and fans after finishing her meal.


I mean, okay, I am trying to figure out why exactly that would have appeal. The food at Hooters is terrible. It is truly terrible. Kristen Stewart doesn’t seem to be into busty women, though if she was that would be interesting, and she would probably be able to pursue them in places where 50 year old men were not shouting about being “breast men” while referring to chicken, but, also, breasts. So. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • She can’t bear the idea of one more person telling her to eat gluten free
  • Seriously, she knows she will never run into Gwyneth Paltrow here.This is a place where she can be free.
  • She’s trying to learn how to smile from people who are pretty masterful at smiling
  • Tired of being typecast, she’s playing a bubbly Hooters girl in her next movie (this is my favorite explanation)
  • There have just been too many break-ups, and she’s decided to let it all go.
  • She’s taking some sort of stand with the real America, because she’s seen as a peppy down-home actress.

Or she could just really love breasts. Who knows?

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