There are plenty of jaw-dropping hair colors. Instagram is filled with rainbow dye job and after rainbow dye job that we want to copy. So, a product needs to be very special to stand out. And the Pravana Vivids Mood Color definitely do because they change color right before our eyes with heat.

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Pravana previously teased the color-changing hair color on social media and it was naturally met with stunned reactions combined with people wanting to know when the hair color would launch. Thankfully, we now have a launch date, September 1. Ahead of the big day, we have even more videos demonstrating the magic of the hair color. (Just in case you need more convincing.)

Just wait for it…

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Make no mistake, the Pravana Vivids Mood Color does not rely on clever video editing or mixing different hair colors to create a blended look. The hair color actually changes when heat (usually from a blow dryer) is applied to the dye.

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In a video Pravana shares on Instagram, it appears that the highly anticipated product will be available in four different color schemes: pink and purple, green and yellow, gray and silver, and peachy-pink and gray. The pink to purple mix seems to be the current Instagram favorite, but all of the shades are stunning.

Expect to see a lot more mood ring-like hair color transformations when the Pravana colors launch on September 1.