How many nail polishes do you own? Too many to think about? If you have an impressive nail polish collection and want to make use of it, a multicolored manicure is just the thing. One shade is pretty, but the more colors you add, the more dynamic the effect can be. Additionally, when you’re working with a lot of different colors, you don’t need a complicated design. Sometimes the simplest designs are the prettiest.

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Scroll down to see the prettiest multicolored manicure ideas that will inspired you to try different color combinations:

1. Pastel Rainbow

There are lots of ways to create a rainbow effect.


2. Multicolored Confetti Nails On White Base

Don’t just save this for celebrations.


3. White, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Beige Nails

This is how you mix neutrals and brights in an interesting fashion.


4. Blue and Purple Nails with Embellishment

Notice how the purple and blue have divided up the nails. You could also use nail polish and a dotter tool instead of gluing on embellishment.


5. Zigzag And Stripe Multicolored Nails

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Make Easter egg nails work for the rest of the year. With bolder nail polishes, the stripes and zigzags will work in any month.


6. Yellow and Blue Splatter Print

Splatter prints look amazing no matter the colors. Plus, they’re intentionally messy which makes them a great option if you don’t have a steady hand.


7. Shimmer Rainbow Nails

Bright colors plus glitter? Yes, please.


8. Silver Glitter Zigzag Nails

Who else is hypnotized?


9. Glittery Bright Nails

When nail colors are this pretty, you don’t need to over-complicate the design. A bit of glitter is plenty.


10. Polka Dots And French Tips

The white base is common on all the nails, but the polka dots are all different.


11. Multicolored Foiled Tips

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In addition to looking luxurious, the foiled finish works with chipping.


12. Neon Nails With Flower Accent

Coordinate the flowers with the rest of your nails. Or, go for completely different shades. Either way works.


13. Pastel Gradient

Notice the way the colors flow from nail to nail.


14. Multicolored Accent Nail

The color is focused on one finger. There’s nothing stopping you from reproducing the effect on the other nine digits.


15. Rainbow Nails

See how the orangey shades frame the rest of the rainbow?