Constellation piercings! Next on my list! #constellationpiercing

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It wasn’t so long ago that when we thought about ear piercings, we thought about one hole in each ear and that was that. If we were getting creative, we might have gotten a second one, or maybe a cartridge piercing. While there’s nothing wrong with that look, it didn’t leave much room for creativity, apart from when you changed your earrings.

That’s changed now. Just have a quick look at the #earcandy and #earparty tags on Instagram and you will see just how many different ear piercings there are to play around with. The ear area might be small, but that doesn’t mean we’re restricted. In fact, the latest piercing looks use the limited space to their full advantage.

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Get inspired with these 12 gorgeous ear piercing looks:

1. Hoops and Stars

No matter what earrings you put in these holes, they would probably look gorgeous. However, we love the alternating small hoops and stars.

2. Helix and Tragus Piercings

The best ear piercing looks are all about balance. Here, there’s perfect harmony on the left and right sides of the ear.

3. Forward Helix with Multiple Lobe Piercings

Now this is an #earparty. The earrings might all be tiny, but they create a dramatic result.

4. Lower Ear Piercings

The coordinating earrings are all on point, but so are the different piercings.

5. Tragus and Ear Piercings

Do you want to keep things more on the minimal side? This #earparty shows what you can do with just three holes.

6. Three Piercings

Don’t ignore your upper ear. Lobes are lovely, but you can do a lot of interesting things up top. Case in point: This look.

7. Holes and Hoops

If you’ve already got one hole, then you only need to add the other two. That’s not so bad, is it?

8. Hoop and Blue Studs

Are you feeling inspired yet? The pop of blue in the studs helps emphasize the different piercings. Not to mention that it works with her red hair.

9. Hearts and Keys

Very nice 💕 Do you love her? 😍

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Hands up if you heart this look. Even if you swapped the earrings for other ones, this would still be major.

10. Cartilage and Tragus Piercings 

When it comes to piercings like this, there is no such thing as having too many.

11. Conch Piercings

If you’re not familiar with conch piercings, this ear candy is the perfect introduction.

12. Multiple Upper Ear Piercings

Do you think that one upper ear piercing is enough? This might make you completely change your stance.