PrettyBald CalendarPrettyBald is a calendar that proves bald is beautiful. Taking inspiration from Calendar Girls, the body positive calendar features women with Alopecia modeling nude. The calendar aims to raise funds for Alopecia UK and create awareness for Alopecia (the general term for hair loss). The calendar wants to support people with all types of hair loss including those with thinning hair, scarring and those suffering from cancer.

The calendar’s theme is “Girls’ Country Weekend” and features 12 models posing without their clothes around a country manor. The fun pictures show them drinking tea and playing croquet. They have also included wigs in unexpected places.

The photos are fun but also inspirational. Organizer Victoria Short explained that this was the first time many of the women went in public without their wigs:

“There are many nude calendars out there, but I don’t think any can claim to be as challenging as this one was – for many of the girls, this was the first in public without their hair and they’re prepared to share that with the World! Amazing! I am so proud of what has been achieved and hope it can play a small part in raising awareness of Alopecia, and funds for Alopecia UK.”

The calendar is £10 and can be purchased through PrettyBald’s website. The photos are gorgeous and the touch of humor makes them that much more captivating. It is worth switching your puppies in teacups calendar for this one, and help support the cause.

Check out PrettyBald to find out more.

(Photo: Pretty Bald)