Photo; Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Photo; Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Nobody is safe from the dreaded photoshop curse–not even baby Prince George. Indeed, the beloved product of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has gotten the same treatment as every other famous person. Except he’s a baby, so it’s weird.

Let’s get this out of the way before we discuss the matters at hand, however: babies are stupid and ugly and it’s time that we steal all their stuff, then photoshop the bejeezus out of their faces. At least, this appears to be the direction society has opted to go in, what with glitzy photoshop being applied to toddlers’ faces and then making them model bikinis in the creepiest possible ways. (Okay, not really, though.)

For the cover of Us Weekly, Prince George–whom I will remind you is a 9-month-old baby–was reportedly “enhanced” in appearance. It seems that the magazine was displeased with the child’s look, so it lightened his eyes, rosied his cheeks and gave his hair and skin tone a warmer, more reddish look. Charming. Also, incredibly ridiculous to a degree that is difficult to actually parse out exactly how I feel about it.

Even Baby Prince George Got The Royal Photoshop Treatment For His Cover Of Us Weekly

Now, while I do think babies are fairly stupid, I was kidding about the other stuff up there–we should probably not steal all their stuff nor photoshop them nor have them model bikinis on the beach for GOOP. In fact, we should really stop trying to make them into mini-adults because they are, you know, children. Photoshopping an actual baby for the cover of a very adult magazine that frequently holds headlines like “Tortured For Her Weight,” “In Love With A Sex Addict,” and “Babies, Lies & Scandal” (okay, maybe that last one) is inappropriate at best and downright offensive at worst.

We all know that the excessive editing of photos has got to stop–or at least slow down–at some point. Even celebrities like Lorde, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga have become frustrated with the increasing amount of photoshop applied to their appearances. The idea of a baby getting photoshopped almost sounds like a Twilight Zone episode that predicted the future of the tabloid media. (“A tale so airbrushed, you won’t–and can’t–believe it with your own eyes!”) It is simultaneously comical and sad that we live in a time wherein toddlers are told to wear tiaras and babies are told their skin isn’t poreless enough.

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