prince harry beardNovember is the month where people around the world start growing facial hair for charity, so it’s not unusual to see a bit of extra facial fur roaming the streets this weekend. But now one of our favorite redheads, Prince Harry, has joined the fun for possibly the sexiest reason ever.

The Cut reports that Prince Harry is in Antarctica for a race to the South Pole against, I kid you not, Dominic West and Alexander Skarsgard.

Why is no one selling tickets to this thing?

The Walking With the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge is a race between three co-ed teams of veterans with physical and/or mental disabilities sustained in the line of duty. Prince Harry will be racing with the British team, Alexander Skarsagard will be racing with the U.S. team, and Dominic West will be racing with Canada and Australia.

The 208-mile, four-week race will pit the veterans, actors, and prince against 50-mile-an-hour winds and temperatures well below freezing, so all the participants who can grow beards would do well to grow them. (The beards will help protect them from the elements, but also we just really like beards.)

Prince Harry was photographed cleanly shaven just a few days ago, and right now his beard is still in the “new stubble” phase. But we look forward to seeing all the teams successfully finish the race in December, so we can get a good look at Prince Harry with a proper Arctic Explorer beard, and hopefully ones for Skarsgard and West as well.

Like we said, we really like beards.

Via NYMag/Photo: Getty