princess diana young

I mean, it is worth keeping in mind that, in the 1980’s, when Prince Charles married Diana, she was expected to be a virgin. The question of whether or not she had ever had any manner of relations with another man was so intense that her uncle, Lord Fermoy, announced to the press that she was a “bona fide virgin.” Which may explain why this seemingly innocuous photo has a huge “not to be published” scrawled across it. Why was it so shocking to people?

Because it has a bottle of liquor in it, and she is in bed with a man who is clearly not Prince Charles. Never mind that they are both fully clothed and he appears to be using her back primarily to read a book. The piece, which is up for auction at RR, is described as such:

Uncommon early 10 x 8 glossy news photo of a young Diana lying in bed, with a young man seated behind her, and a bottle of Johnnie Walker sitting on the window sill. Stamped February 1981 on back, the image is clear. The image has crop lines and ‘Not to be published’ handwritten on the front. Note on back, otherwise light wear. A super early image quite possibly never seen by the public. RR Auction COA.

It seems astonishing that, 30 years later, we never for a second considered whether or not Kate Middleton was a virgin. Since she and Prince William had lived together prior to marriage, I think we all assumed that she was not. We didn’t even really consider whether or not she had sex with a boyfriend prior to William (again, I think we assume she did).

So, kick back a glass of Johnnie Walker. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Picture via RR, Buzzfeed