netflixIf you are like me, and totally obsessed with Orange Is The New Black (Yeah yeah I’m on my second viewing of it) then you probably wonder on occasion exactly how all of the inmates housed at a woman’s federal prison stay so hot looking whilst doing time in the big house. I’m sure that most prison commissaries sell some beauty products, but I’m also sure they are pretty expensive. And I’m not the only one wondering about these beauty issues, because all over the internet women who are facing jail sentences are asking the same question:

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Of course you can’t wear heels in prison! Everyone knows that! Some prisons allow inmates to wear makeup, some do not. Many prisons don’t allow access to tweezers, so many inmates “thread” each other’s eyebrows using rubber bands. For some women who don’t have access to eyeliner, they dampen normal ‘ol colored pencils and use those to line their eyes instead. I am not sure how well this works, so I plan on doing an experiment with my kid’s Crayolas later. According to an ABC news article:

“We get some hair grease stuff and put it on our lips,” Mace said. “The ink pens that I have, we use as the eyeliner. This is coffee, the eye shadow,” she said as she pointed to the light shade of brown above her eye. “We use the glitter from cards, so thank goodness people send cards with glitter on them.”

A lot of other message boards have mentioned Crystal Light drink mix being used as blusher and as lipstick mixed with a little Vaseline. Another tip I saw is how many inmates use Kool Aid to dye their hair. I’m not planning on ever going to jail, no matter how glam Orange Is The New Black makes it look, but now I feel confident that if I should ever rob a bank that I would at least look good during my incarceration. Now I just need to learn how to make prison wine in a toilet bowl and I will be all set.

(Image: netflix)