As a pale-faced girl with a tendency to look like a tomato with hair during the hottest months of summer, I am always on the hunt for the perfect facial sunscreen. The problem with most moisturizer/sunscreens is that I sweat them off as soon as they’re applied, or they get streaky and make me feel like my face is leaking. Because I have rosacea, I usually look for a product that has SPF as well as an anti-reddener: I love Eucerin’s products because they have a line specially made for people with rosacea. But when I got a sample of Jane Iredale’s Powder Me SPF Dry Sunscreen, I was eager to try it out.

One: The product.

The translucent powder works for almost any skin tone. The texture is interesting, too – it is a loose powder, but you apply it with a sponge instead of a powder puff and it goes on almost like sunscreen, but without all the goopiness. It is soaked into my skin the second I put it on, no matter how hot it is. It can streak a little bit, but it’s easily rubbed out without the icky feeling of doing the same thing with conventional sunscreen. The label says it’s best used on moisturized skin, so I put it on about 20 minutes after applying my AM moisturizer, and it goes on cleanly and doesn’t clog my pores. My skin is totally breathing, but between my moisturizer and the dry sunscreen I have a combined SPF of 45 on my face [Note: the powder is 30, my moisturizer is 15]. All in all, I am pretty much ready to marry this product. It doesn’t feel heavy or like I’m wearing makeup at all, which on a super hot day is a pretty nice feeling.

Two: The packaging.

There are several elements of packaging here – it almost took me five minutes to actually get to the powder itself. There’s a big gold lid (which has a mirror on top, which is nice since you don’t have to dig around for your compact), then a second gold ring that has the sponge oddly smushed into it, and a layer of plastic that you have to peel off before you can actually see the powder. Let’s just say that I would not trust myself to use this product if I was drunk or hadn’t had my morning caffeine yet. Even with the plastic thrown out, it’s a pain in the neck to stick the sponge back into the gold ring, and if it’s not done just so the lid won’t close properly – and I do not want to spill this stuff all over the inside of my purse. Still, I like the powder so much I’m willing to put up with it, but I’ve been doing so over a napkin or towel just in case.

Three: Overall decision

If Jane Iredale can come up with a more streamlined way to package this product, I will become their single biggest customer. But, truth is, I am already pretty happy with it. If my face doesn’t feel gross and streaky on a 95-degree day, obviously something is going right.