traditional-brushDespite all the hype about Kiesque Liquid Palisade, I was not convinced. I thought it might be another great beauty idea that fails in execution—a product designed to make life easier that only ends up complicating things. (You may remember my recent review of the Beautyblender Liner Designer.) Like sure, I get nail polish on my cuticles when I do them at home, but not an obscene amount, and a Q-tip with nail polish remover on it pretty much eliminates the threat. So, hesitant but hopeful, I decided to give it a try.

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If you’re a regular in these parts, you will know that I am presently engaged in a maybe 15-year battle with nail biting, and tips are the only thing that keep me from biting. (Going on five months (yay!), but I can tell the habit is still there, so it’s a work in progress.) Anyway, that’s why they look weird—I’m almost due for a filling.

For $14.00, the Liquid Palisade container is pretty small, but using it was simple enough. I took out the little wand and spread purple goo around each of my nails.

kiesque liquid palisade 2Ta da! You’re supposed to shape the adhesive a bit, but I didn’t realized that at first, so my left hand was all freeform. And let me tell you, it went really well. File_000As I let the adhesive dry, I kept accidentally touching fingers together and pulling at the glue a little bit, but that’s definitely user error. Once it was dry, I painted my nails quite haphazardly, letting some of the polish err onto the purple areas to make this test thorough. Then, while my nails were still wet (as instructed), I pulled off the glue one nail at a time. Important note: This process was incredibly satisfying in the way that covering your palms in Elmer’s and pulling it all off like a second skin used to be. Et voila! kiesque liquid palisade 3They look pretty good right? I was genuinely impressed. And I was even more excited about the results of the Liquid Palisade on my right hand—the more difficult of the two, as I am right-handed. Sure there are a couple of little missing pieces here, but that could be solved by being a little more careful about shaping the adhesive after you paint it in. (Plus, no one is looking at my hands this closely except you guys.) kiesque liquid palisade 5Touching up was super quick, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think the time it took to paint on the Liquid Palisade was totally worth it. It was so easy! And the satisfaction of pulling glue off my hands cannot be undervalued. I’m not sure it’ll be a staple every single time I paint my nails, but every once in awhile when I want my at-home mani to be extra on point (or I want to watch a show while I’m painting and pay not-so-close attention), I will definitely be using the Liquid Palisade again.