I’ll admit it…I’m a mascara addict. In fact, if there were only one makeup item on earth that I couldn’t live without, it would be mascara, hands down. Every morning, as I carefully apply my face, I thank the makeup Gods for mascara and whoever invented it. I’m not kidding.


Image: Drugstore.com

So…with all this mascara loving going on in my life, you can bet that when I had the opportunity to try the new Maybelline Lash Stiletto, I just about died and went to heaven. But would this much-hyped new product make my lashes smile…or would it be a flop?

The verdict: I LOVE IT!

This mascara is absolutely fab. It’s even better when you realize you’re only going to have to shell out about $7-$8 for your own tube!

The wand, I think, is one of the better wands I’ve used in a while. It really promotes the lengthening aspect of this stuff and makes your lashes separate without any clumping – no small feat for any mascara, for sure.

It comes in the standard colors (Soft Black, Black/Brown, Very Black, etc) and the tube itself is a total riot – it looks like a stiletto heel!

The formula is silky, not sticky, and I experienced no problems with smudging, flaking or irritation. The little bit I did manage to get on my eyelid during application easily wiped off with a Q-Tip dipped in good old fashioned saliva. Fantastic!

Overall, I rate this mascara a total keeper. It’s definitely worth a try and definitely deserves a spot in your makeup drawer. Check it out!